Happy To Come Home!

We just had our dream home built by Dave R. Williams Homes.  We were referred by a friend who suggested we inquire if they would be a good fit for us. After seeing the model in Prosper and looking at the quality workmanship, we were blown away.  Your builders were absolutely amazing, and to say a pleasure to work with would be a gross understatement!  They were there every step of the way.  Eldon came by daily to oversee the work.  We were excited to see the daily transformation from a pad of dirt to an unbelievably beautiful home.  If our home suddenly vanished, we would call DRW the next day to build again!  We are so happy to come home each day to our Dave R. Williams Home!

~~ The Halls

Great Experience!

It has been a great experience working with all of you!  What a top-notch company Dave R. Williams Homes is along with all its employees!  We certainly needed the TLC you provided as we went through this process.  Please consider us a source for glowing recommendations!

~~ The Bowlings


I am sending you a note of gratitude. I'm sure you're well aware of this, but I wanted to share with you how utterly impressed we were with your team and our home. It seems too good to be true - our home is beyond what we could have ever imagined. Your team brought our vision to life and it's still hard to believe it's our home!

I had a buddy of mine stop by at several points throughout the construction process and his exact words were: "I didn't know they still build homes like this." He's been building homes for 20+ years for one of the largest homebuilders in DFW and was very impressed with your work.

Your product is of the highest quality, as is your reputation. We have told many in the community that we're building a DRW Home, they all shared the same feeling that your organization is first class and does tremendous work.

What's more impressive than your product, is your people. From your immediate team to your subs and everyone else that's a part of the DRW team, nothing but first class all the way. We felt throughout the process they knew exactly what they were doing and put our needs and requests [as crazy as they may have been] first and knew they would deliver for us.

We first met Marcelle and Mark, and they made selecting you as our builder an easy decision. 

We're truly blessed to have gone through this process with you and your team and are thrilled to own our own Dave R. Williams masterpiece. Keep up the outstanding work!

~~ The Van Wolfes


Stress-Free Client!

After looking at countless homes and home builders, we decided to build with Dave R Williams in 2015.

The process of designing and building a custom home is an involved process, but the people at DRW made the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. And after going through the process with DRW, I am certain that the build quality is second to none, and the price is very fair and competitive. After doing exhaustive research, and interviewing too many builders to remember, I came to the conclusion that building a custom home is less expensive than trying to get a production builder to build exactly what you want (because production builders will nickel and dime you to death), and in the end production builders don't want to build a custom home, they want to build a fast home.

Dave R Williams' homes are built with pretty much everything you could want already included in the standard home. But any time I wanted something different/special/custom, I was met with nothing but positive attitude and the answer was always "yes, we can do that". I'm VERY particular, and I was shocked that I never heard anything but "yes" from the DRW staff. Whatever I wanted was no problem. I can't say enough positive things about the people at Dave R Williams Homes. Dave is an absolute gentleman, and is a genuinely caring and interested party in your home building process. Mark Sena is the "salesperson" for DRW, although he never tried to "sell" us anything, he was more of a friendly "facilitator" who answered questions and arranged our meeting with the designer who helped us design our home based on my drawings and ideas. The construction managers and are in your house every day making sure things are going smoothly. Mike was my construction manager, and he was not only an attentive and professional manager of the process but also a genuinely great guy to work with, and he has an eye for detail in making sure that everything goes according to plan.   The interior decorator had the patience of a saint, putting up with my wife and I as we tried to agree on endless decisions and changes. She helped us navigate the entire design and selection of everything from cabinet design and hardware to flooring, paint and light fixtures. Having a professional designer available to us was invaluable. I cannot stress enough the importance of the people involved in the process of building a custom home.

The staff at DRW, including everyone I mention and also everyone in the office staff, were an absolute pleasure to work with and made the entire process so easy and fun that looking back I can't believe how much we got done with such little stress on the part of my wife and I. I have many friends who have built houses, and they all have versions of some nightmare story to tell. I can't tell you how pleased I am that throughout the entire process that I have nothing but praise for the entire DRW staff. As I said, I'm very particular and honestly I'm the type of customer that I would dread dealing with (particular, opinionated and like to be in control). Everyone at DRW was pleasant and responsive, and in the end my home is everything I wanted and then some.

If I ever build another custom home (and I really don't know why I would with the home we have now), I would definitely build with Dave R Williams again. But don't take my word for it, just visit a neighborhood where Dave R Williams has built all or most of the houses (there are several in Prosper) and ask any homeowner you see out in their yard. We did, and all we heard was positive things. And I'm glad we chose Dave R Williams to build our home.

~~ The Mattes


Trusted Builder

Caren and I started on a journey to build our home two years ago when we bought the lot in Prosper. We joined forces with your team in early 2015 to further design our home. For the next year, I only had met Mark Sena from your team and that was when we signed the papers. The experience with Mark was very professional, trustworthy and always entertaining. I never met another person until the very last week of April 2016, about 5 days before moving into our new home. At that time I met the construction managers.  By this time, I felt like I knew them well from the experiences Caren had relayed to me. Like my experience with Mark, the construction managers proved to be great people and true professionals. Both have been very responsive to our questions and concerns and somehow, already seem like old friends. Although I’ve never met the interior decorator from your design team, Caren values her opinion and help like all other members of your team.

Now that we are in our home, it’s even more amazing that I’d hoped. I wasn’t overly thrilled with building another home. Our previous home seemed more than sufficient but, with grandchildren and the need/ desire for a single story house, it seemed like an inevitable process. I couldn’t be more happy with the “home” you’ve helped us build and the process. I would and will recommend your organization to anybody I come in contact with. You just can’t over estimate “trust” – trust in the quality, trust in the honesty, trust in the guidance and trust in the team. Nicely done!

~~ The Mitchells


Love Our Home

We truly love our new home and hope you will stop by to see it in its "lived in" form!

~~ The Jarzombeks


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Superior Businessman

We wanted to take an opportunity to formally thank you for the process that you conducted for our home. We could not have had a better experience regarding your focused effort and willingness to “get it right” no matter what the issues. It is a true testament to your fortitude as a superior businessman in your industry. We hope that our hopes, desires, wants, and sheer being pests didn’t get too much in the way of your process. We appreciate you listening to us and I will share with you that Alaine has said on many occasions -- “there isn’t a thing I would change about this home” so it looks like we all did something right.

As you know, part of the mark of a good businessman is that you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with -- and we can’t say enough about the folks on your team. Mark in doing a great job at initially selling us on your process, and the construction manager's efforts in the construction, as well as the interior decorator's designing ability and sounding board for us. Alaine and I were amazed at how often she would step in and right the ship in the area of the design and how thankful we were for it.

In conclusion, I would think that the best gift a person in your seat could receive would be validation of a job done correctly and that it continues to build your business, so the pledge we will make to you will be that we share with each person that inquires with us about our experience -- and continue to support your already stellar reputation within your community and industry.

~~ The McMenamys


Special Thank You

Thank you so very much for the sweet baby gifts you gave us. The personalized baby blanket is so adorable, and we love the little engraved cup. It was so sweet of you to think of us during this special time in our lives. Our little boy can't wait to sleep in his new nursery, brought to us by Dave R. Williams Homes!

~~ The Hamermans


Genuinely Care About Their Customers

We just wanted to express our gratitude to you and your staff for helping us build our dream home. We had a wonderful experience and are truly happy with the end results. Thank you for allowing us to be different and helping our vision come to light. Everyone at Dave Williams homes was exceptional. Our builder did an amazing job and was wonderful to work with. Cheryl was amazing and without her I do not believe we would have gotten the wonderful results we were hoping for. We are grateful for the time and attention that everyone was willing to give us and believe that their understanding made our process much more enjoyable.

It is nice to see that there are still people out there who truly take pride in their work and that genuinely care about their customers.

~~ The Gilmores


Attention to Detail

We love living in this house. It was especially nice celebrating the holidays here and making memories to turn this house into our home. The entire Dave Williams' family was such fun to work with, and we've really enjoyed getting to know everyone during the process. Thanks so much for your patience with all the stone we brought in from Mexico. There were times when I thought we would NEVER get it all done...but, thankfully, we did. Dave's attention to detail is amazing, and it was comforting to know that the building process was in such competent hands. I've encouraged several of our friends to come up to Prosper and check out Dave's other homes. This is a wonderful place to live and Dave is definitely the builder to work with.

~~ The Yamamotos


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Exactly What My Heart Imagined!

I'm so happpy we found you! Do you know this is the first piece of Waterford Crystal I've ever held in my hands! This is an incredibly beautiful, unexpected gift! No matter where I display it, it looks wonderful; but then it would in this equally beautiful home. I feel blessed in so many ways. I'm so grateful to live in Prosper, Texas in a custom-built Dave R. Williams Home, with amazing amenities and luxurious landscaping, and exactly what my heart imagined.

For me, my new casita home expresses perfection's purity in strength of line, in color's rare, in forms of grace and symmetry. I treasure your talents, empathy, and care for us.

~~ The Bakers


Creating Our Dream Home

You crafted for us a home, that a little more than a year ago, we could only dream about. While it took us seven months of searching to find the perfect house, we're glad we finally did. The best part, though, was working with each and every person on the Dave Williams team. Thank you for a beautiful home and thank you for all the many new friends.

~~ The Carraways


Enjoyable Experience

Jennifer and I would like to thank everyone from the Dave R. Williams family for making the purchase of our new home a very enjoyable experience. Everyone at Dave R. Williams made us feel at home as we transitioned from Allen, Texas to Prosper, and that was truly unexpected but greatly appreciated.

We would like to especially thank Mark for his determination to make sure we became proud owners of a Dave R. Williams home. Thanks, Mark, we appreciate your hard work and persistence. We would also like to give special thanks to Gary! Gary is always at the top of his game and he has always been there for us throughout the entire process. He was always available to address all our needs with the utmost professional manner. Regardless of the time or day, he always returned our calls quickly, and everything was completed on time and on schedule.  We would easily recommend a Dave R. Williams house to everyone. The Dave R. Williams team sets the gold standard for customer service, and for that, we are thankful.

~~ The Dooleys


Quality House

Dave, you are a very patient person and you build a quality house. That is what we wanted and that is what we got, thank you!! I'm glad I've had the opportunity to get to know you.

~~ The Moneymakers


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Integrity, Passion & Relationship

... we must have interviewed 30+ builders in the DFW area. We were at a decision point with a builder in our community, and by chance after viewing “Hot on Homes” on television, we saw something during the Dave Williams' portion which caught our eye.

We drove to Prosper and met with Mark Sena. Mark’s passion for the company, his customers and his ability to truly listen to what we were after compelled us to take a deeper look into what Dave Williams Homes could offer. After spending some additional time with Mark, and having been extremely impressed with the quality of construction and interior workmanship in their homes, we then met with Dave Williams to enter our final stages of deciding if this company was the company we would chose to partner with through this incredibly important phase of our life. Given the significance of the project, coupled with our insistence on getting what we wanted, we chose to determine if Dave R. Williams Homes met our criteria, prior to signing our contract. Our criteria consisted of the integrity of your team, passion for what you do, ability to listen to the buyer, ability to offer suggestions on improving the design, and ultimately if these were the type of people we wanted to establish and maintain a relationship for many years to come. It is our opinion that any builder can build a house, any builder can choose nice material, offer a fair price, and get to the finish line.

It is rare that a builder could exceed our buying criteria, have lifelong, loyal subcontractors and at the same time, exude a high degree of personal and professional integrity as well as a custom approach to the entire process. Dave really cared about us, our project, and went the extra mile to make sure the right foundation was designed, the architecture was sound, and took great care in making sure the overall design “fit” our style of living. He truly wanted us to have the home we wanted, and not just the home he wanted to build for us. As a result, we selected Dave and his company to build our home...

I would put Dave Williams Homes up against any builder in the DFW area. You will be nothing short of ecstatic by selecting his company as your partner to build your dream home. Should Dave like for you to speak with us or see our home, he has our blessing to arrange that.

~~ The Kirkseys


Community Builder

When we decided to leave the asphalt jungle (Plano) and move to Prosper, Dave Williams name kept coming up... We really appreciate the numerous contributions Dave R. Williams Homes has made to the town of Prosper...

~~ The Thompsons


Great Relationship

We had a very good experience with everyone in building our home. The nice thing about it is that we continue to have a great relationship with all those who were involved.

Mark and I really love our house and plan on living here for quite some time. Building our house was a very pleasant experience for us, and we are quite happy.

We are happy that we happen to come across Highland Meadows one afternoon. It was nice that we also came across such a nice builder!

~~ The McGuires



...Thank you for making our first building experience a memorable one. It could not have been any better; you have gone out of your way to make sure we were pleased.

~~ The Millers


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Passed With Flying Colors!

In a society that often makes it easy to complain, we wanted to take this minute to say "THANK YOU" to you and all of your staff for the pleasant experience we enjoyed with our new custom home in Gentle Creek Estates. We were treated with nothing but respect and professionalism during the entire building process. The ultimate compliment to your fine team is reserved for the outstanding follow through we received after our move-in date.

The true test of any company or product comes "after the sell", and you definitely passed with flying colors!

~~ The Georges


Easy & Pleasurable Building Experience

Thank you for making this the easiest and most pleasurable home building experience we have ever had... We will recommend you to all we meet, and already have!

~~ The Jesters


Best Builder

This has been an exciting year building our home. Not only will we have a great home, but feel we've made a friend as well. As we've told you on more than one occasion, we have heard from several folks that Dave R Williams is the best builder in Prosper and one even said in Collin County!

Every time we drive up to our home, we smile and feel that our home is a joy to behold. I know most everyone feels that same way about their home, and that too is a tribute to your success. The process of homebuilding was new to us, but as we made decision after decision, we were grateful for you and your staff leading in the process.

~~ The Renfros


Looking Forward to Our Second Home With You

We have enjoyed out first Dave Williams home and are looking forward to the second one...

~~ The Laniers


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Enjoyed the Second

We lived for 9 years in our first Dave Williams home, we did not consider another builder when moving. We are enjoying our second DRW home even more...

~~ The Ryans


Patience & Understanding

We can't thank you enough for the patience and understanding throughout the whole process... We will refer you to anyone...

~~ The Hendersons